International Youth Centre organized a round table "On the path to success"

International Youth Centre organized a round table on the topic  "On the path of success." The initiative is part of a long campaign aimed at activating and motivating young people to educate themselves, to follow their goals, to learn to succeed.

Young people from the target group of the youth center had the opportunity to meet with energetic, businesslike and managed young people, representatives of business and science, who actively participate in the economic development and trade in the city. Young entrepreneurs Angel Filipov, Kaloyan Varlyakov, Evgeni Lishev, Dimitar Angelov, Tsvetan Zahariev, Tihomir Rachev and Radostin Tanev presented to young people the formula for success of their position for professional, business and personal growth.

The main objective of the initiative was to motivate young people to learn, to educate, to set goals and achieve them. During the meeting were discussed topics of youth entrepreneurship, personal development and problems faced by young businessmen on the road to success.